L83 Gen 5 Harness rework to standalone

L83 Gen 5 Harness rework to standalone      Base     $550
    available options
        Rear exit                                                add    $250
        OE Tape harness                                   add   $150
        Spare fuse/relay kit                                 add     $40

Includes Fuse box, fuses and relays. Fuse box is wired like a factory so trouble shooting is simplified and factory schematics can be utilized
Fuse box length from ECU specified by customer
ECU length cannot be shortened or lengthened

OE tape can be used to protect new section of Engine, Fuel, and interior harness other wise zip tied approx every 10-12 inches
Recommend to loom harness with DEI Master Easy Loom Master Kit for clean look. Factory uses similar loom around ECU

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L83 Gen 5 Connector Kit
            also found on  (link to Ebay Auction)
        1 - OEM Silverado  / Tahoe fuel pump driver module connector, 5 12ga terminals,5 seals and 7 20ga terminals
        1 - OEM Silverado / Tahoe fuel pump connector, 3 12ga terminals, 3 20ga seals, 3 20ga terminals and 3 20ga seals
        1 - OEM  e85 sensor connector, lock, 4 20ga terminals and  4 20ga seals
        1 - OEM fuel  pressure sensor connector, lock, 4 20ga terminals and 4 20ga seals
        1 - OBDII connector, 2 locks, 2 18ga terminals and 7 20ga terminals
        1 - Accelerator pedal connector, lock, 7 20ga terminals and 7 20ga seals

Kit comes with one extra terminal and seal for each connector just incase / practice test crimp.
If you would like it in pig tail form, assembled, add 1.00 per inch of pigtail for each connector. Must specify before ordering
No modules or sensors included, only connectors, terminals and seals.
No part numbers for terminals or connectors will be provided with kits. 
Additional terminals and seals can be purchased separately if needed.


Built to customer length - 2 fan dual speed harness

Built to customer length - 2 fan dual speed harness                 base    $160.00
    Includes: Sealed fuse box, 3 relays, fuse connector, fuse, attachment clip, and stock Camaro/Firebird fan connector / or Silverado
        Base:          12ga wire for fan power / ground supply
        Base:          Harness zip tied approx every 10-12"
        Optional:    10ga wire for fan power / ground supply        add    $20.00
        Optional:    Use of mil spec wire / special order wire       add     TBD
        Optional:    Tape Harness                                               add    $15.00
        Optional:    Loom Harness with flame retardant loom      add    $40.00