1998 E39 528 5.7 LS1 / 4L60e / Ford 8.8 3.73 posi

For Sale $5,500 - NO trades, NO offers


Start up + Walk Around Video (click for video)


5.7 LS1
Harness made from Tefzel M22759/16 wire
Custom 2pc drive shaft with e60 M5 center bearing
Ford 8.8, G-force Axles, 3.73 Ford Racing Gear and Posi
Custom 1.75" Full length headers - mild steel
Full 3" Exhaust
Modified spare tire well to accommodate true dual exhaust
E60 spare tire, foam insert, jack and tools in spare tire well area
Wood trim wrapped in 3M vinyl.... this was my first wrap project, I just don't like the look of wood and didn't want to buy the black trim pieces new or used

Tires: Continental ExtremeContact Sport, all tires 7/32 tread, 2017 date code except driver front at 2016
Brakes: Front 4mm pad thickness
            Rear 7mm pad thickness
            Brakes installed are genuine BMW - brake light is on for front brake pads 


Needs List (incomplete) :
New home :) Have another project ready to come out of the garage and sadly just need room
Transmission needs to be rebuild: on full throttle slips in 2nd gear, regular driving - no notable transmission issues
Proper tune, currently it has a Speed Density tune - was given help from fellow co worker how to tune it and that's how it is.
     Never tuned it properly since transmission needs to be rebuilt.
I had a/c before cam swap, then moved engine 1/2 inch forward and then the hose for expansion valve to compressor was too short.
     Now.... I see it was an easy fix, but I already re used the old parts instead of just putting  hose splice in :(
Paint Job
Wheels have been separated, cleaned, failed clear coat from the barrels has been removed with aircraft stripper and not re-cleared.
    wheels have a chalky dull finish now :( takes a lot of polish to get them back to shiny.
Headliner needs to be redone
Headlight assemblies are OEM halogen, retrofitted with FX-R projectors and covers have been replaced with ebay euro style years ago, and have yellowed.
All 4 door brakes are cracking - needs to be replaced
All ABS sensors are probably original and the plastic/rubber is falling apart along with wire insulation / copper wire is exposed

Additional parts included:
Used rear sub frame - I bought incase I changed the rear diff mounting bracket
Used (black) trunk - paint in good condition, one minor dent
New A-pillars
New B-pillars
New front door vapor barriers
Stock BMW 528 rear bumper (removed when the OE rear M5 bumper was installed)
1 new old stock Style 5 wheel
1 original old style 5 (spare wheel and tire)