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Body Panel Cross over

Serpentine Belt Conversion (Small block or BIG block)

Front/Rear window installation - how to article

GM 12-Bolt Axle Swap

Power Door Locks/Windows

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GM 12-Bolt Axle swap

Any 12 bolt rear end out of a truck/suburban/blazer will bolt in with zero modification. From the driveshaft u-joint to the brake lines! The benefit in upgrading to the GM 12-Bolt is the added strength. Now the 12-bolt isn't bullet proof by any means, but it is stronger than a 10-bolt. If you want stronger, you can install a Ford 9" with very little modification.
I personally did a 12 bolt swap (stock 3.40 open dif.), then decided to install a built Ford 9" after finishing my engine/transmission build.




Power Door Locks & Windows

When upgrading your non power lock/window truck to power accessories, there are a few things to note.

Power Lock upgrade:
Standard (non power) locks use a different rod that connects to the door lock knob to the door lock itself. The end that goes into the retainer is shorter than trucks with factory power locks. When using a factory power lock actuator, the rod and the two lock switch connectors with 6" of wire will be needed from the donor truck. These are the same from 81-87 truck + 89-91 suburban/blazer. The door lock switch itself probably wont be in great shape, so unless they are giving it to you , hold off and buy a new one from your local auto parts store, they run about 6 dollars. A simple Botch 30 amp relay and some terminals will finish up the electrical side of this upgrade.

Power Window upgrade:
Any 77-87 truck + 89-91 suburban/blazer can be fitted with power windows. Parts that will need to be sourced are the : (front L + R) window regulators (rear suburban regulators are different than the fronts), regulator motor (2) with mounting bracket (this is almost always attached to the motor), regulator motor connector + 6" wire (2) and a 2 button window switch. Purchase this switch from the wrecking yard if you feel the buttons are solid. GM sells the switch and the chrome plastic cover separately. The switch itself is rather pricey but the chrome cover is on the cheap side. You could also source the passenger side window switch from your local auto parts store or a GM dealer. 2 Botch 30 amp relay and some terminals will finish up the electrical side of this upgrade.

So now you want to do a power lock/window upgrade but you have manual everything door panels. Don't sweat it!! Either buy a good set of power door panels or simply align the switches on the door panel like factory, but place the window switch (since its larger) over the window crank hole. It works, just take your time.