Items Required:

1.      X-Acto knife

2.      New rubber gasket for the window

3.      3/8" rope that is long enough to go around the perimeter of the rubber gasket with 12" extending at each end

4.      A helper to hold the glass in place

5.      Optional -  mixture of water/dish soap in a squeeze or spray bottle.


Safety Precautions:  

Working with glass can be dangerous . If you are not comfortable with working on glass, take the vehicle to a reputable glass shop. If you decide to do the job yourself, always wear gloves, and do not bang or twist the glass. Glass windows can break at any time, and cause major damage to you and/or your property. Wear safety glasses! FTE and/or Brent Shelley will not be held liable for any damages caused by using this or any other information.



1. Carefully remove the new rubber window gasket from it's package and hold it up against the old one installed in the truck. Ensure that the new gasket is the same size/shape as the old one before continuing. Remove any chrome trim pieces that are in the old gasket before removing.

2. Find a convenient place where the old window rubber is cracked enough that you can get a hold of the rubber. If there is no spot available to grab with your fingers, you can use an X-acto knife to create a crack. Take a firm hold of the rubber where it is now split, and give it a firm pull. The rubber will separate between the outside and inside of the truck. Have your helper steady the glass, and proceed to pull on the rubber gasket until it is entirely removed. Be careful as you reach the end because the glass can fall out once the rubber gasket is separated. Once the outer part of the gasket is removed, the glass can be removed and stored safely until needed.

3. Remove the other half of the old gasket that is still in the window opening by gently pulling. It should come out easily, no glue was used in this area from the factory.

4. Clean the area where the new gasket will go carefully, ensuring to watch the sharp sheet metal area's on the cab/body.

5. Repair any damaged areas as appropriate in the cab body from any previous water leaks.

6. With your helper, carefully install the new gasket onto the bare window removed in step 2. (BE CAREFUL as the glass may have very sharp edges, and can also "shatter" unexpectedly if twisted/stressed) Ensure that if your new rubber window gasket has a "center start/finish" mark from manufacturing, that you center it at the bottom/top of the window. This will make for a "factory installed" look! Also, if you prefer to have the window etching face a certain way, ensure the rubber is positioned such that the groove will sit in the cab with the glass in the direction you want it to face.

Note: Some people find it useful to use a small amount of dish soap/water on the groove when installing the rubber onto the window. I personally find that it hurts more than it helps.

When this step is complete, you should have the new gasket installed on the old window.

7. If you used soap and water to install the gasket on the window, allow the water to dry before proceeding.

8. Install any chrome trim into the new rubber gasket that was removed in step 1. Dish soap mixed with water will help with this. (Avoid any petroleum based lubricants as they will quickly deteriorate the rubber)

9. Once the new gasket is on the window, "thread" a piece of approx. 3/8" rope around the open groove that remains on the outside perimeter of the gasket. Start at the bottom center of window to be installed and work around the perimeter. When you are finished, you should have the old window with the new gasket installed, with the rope "threaded" around the outside of the rubber gasket with two "rope ends" where the rope meets.

10. Now for the tricky step! Soak the rope with the dish soap/water solution. Next, ask your helper to get inside the cab. Now, with the assistance of your helper, place the edge of the new window/gasket that has the two rope ends down into the opening. Only this edge will fit into the opening because of the new gasket. While keeping pressure on the window, have your helper slowly pull the rope out of the gasket. Slowly work you way around the window while pulling the rope out. You will need to keep pressure on the window as you work around the perimeter. This will install the glass into the cab.

When the rope is removed, the metal part of the cab will replace it, and the window will be installed!

10. Clean the window and have a cold drink, you deserve it!