Seriouslyinterior UPGRADES!!!

SMD Dome Light upgrade sourced from eBay - (update with link)

Taken from my Samsung s7 in enclosed garage, that was pitch black

SMD board with its supplied double sided tape installed onto a piece of Cheerios Honey Nut cereal cardboard box cut to fit inside housing .. not sure if any other brand of cereal box will work, lol.


SMD Floor Light Upgrade sourced from eBay - (update with link)

Single SMD board installed on sheet metal bracket in stock location. I was initially thinking of installing 2 boards, one on driver side and passenger side connected together in the center at the stock bulb connection for power, but either didn't have another board, or ... felt this was just that great, or was lazy... not sure which one it was :) Either way, hands down a cheap upgrade and sufficient for me not to proceed to installing 2 boards!!


Steering Column Relocation - gains 3-4 inch of additional space between you and the steering wheel!

Jeep Cherokee Steering Shaft upgrade

Steering Column Bearing upgrade