6L80e Shift Linkage for C10
stock 700r4 linkage was used (in both 4l60e and current 6l80e

Brake Upgrades:
Wilwood C-10 Pro spindles with custom brackets / spacers
2018 Silverado 2 piston Akebono Calipers

Rear: Custom C5 to 10 bolt bracket kit w/working parking brake

4 core radiator
BMW 600 watt PWM radiator fan on custom shroud
Picture Gallery showing the process of the fan shroud.
1st picture: Scrap wood and a sharpie made the ID of the hole that will be formed to a 90 for strength
2nd picture: Mostly done forming the 90 bend with a simple trick I learned from YouTube! no lie!. ViceGrip Pliers and a penny or dime.. I forget what was used but the method was tested on the inner cutout/scrap... and worked flawlessly!! Full send on the shroud!

(cannot find the video that inspired this - will update when it is found)
It was as simple as taking a pair of skinny (in my case being an inside round flange) needle nose vice grip pliers and clamping down on a coin, think it was a dime. The goal is to have the coin thicker than the material your bending. You clamp down on the coin at whatever distance you want the flange to be. I measured and tested on the cut off and was blown away at how stiff it made it by just adding flange in the cutout scrap + it was a super tight radius to bend and was not difficult to do. ProTip: do not bend 90 on first pass. Metal does not like that, it took 4-5 passes gradually getting it to 90 and result was real nice. I did rush it in some spots, but for first go at this process, it is !00% good enough! Vice grip pliers and a coin... who knew...